This Legislative Session, the Legislature continued its commitment to assist Veterans interested in becoming entrepreneurs.
Senate Bill 660 by Senator Jose Rodriguez and Rep. Cesar Blanco established regional coordinators within the Veterans Entrepreneur Program at TVC.

These regional coordinators will be strategically placed around the state to assist aspiring Veteran business owners and those Veterans that are already business owners. 
Additionally, Senate Bill 1049 by Senator Donna Campbell and Rep. Kenneth Sheets increases opportunities for new Veteran business owners by exempting them from the franchise tax and fees imposed on the filing of certain reports with the Secretary of State.  

Effective January 1, 2016, in accordance with Senate Bill (SB) 1049, the Texas Veterans Commission shall provide to a Veteran, who meets the qualification requirements, 
a written verification of that status in a form required by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Note: this process does NOT verify Veteran Owned status. 
The process merely serves to verify that the individual submitting their Department of Defense form 214 (DD214) to the Texas Veterans Commission in accordance with Section 171.005(b) of SB 1049 is an Honorably Discharged Veteran of one of the branches of the United States Military. 

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